Washington State Collision Advisors Launching

Accident Map

When we started looking at the types of accidents in the Northwest and especially the number of hit-and-runs, we believed that there was an opportunity to provide advisory services to individuals involved in accidents such as investigative services, referral to medical professionals and representation. Announcing Collision-Advisors.com an online resource for individuals involved in automobile accidents, legal professionals and medical professions working together to ensure everyone has access to care and legal representation.  We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to the care and representation they deserve.

Who has your back?

Insurance companies do not. No matter how fast they come to the table to make an offer. People tell me almost weekly that they are comfortable with negotiating with insurance agents directly. No matter how good or experienced you are with negotiating, stick to your day job and let professionals earn their percentage. They will certainly get you more than you would yourself. The idea that you would pocket the attorney fees is a fallacy. The insurance company will screw you, guaranteed.

Don’t pay medical professionals out of pocket?

No one has infinite resources, even if you have insurance, to pay for medical treatment caused by an accident. Insurance companies will seek to recoup those costs. So be smart with who you treat with and what you pay out of pocket.

Finding a trustworthy attorney is harder that you might think?

Finally, not all lawyers are the same. Some have better reputations than others, larger firms have larger overhead, and other attorneys nickel and dime you by charging 25 cents for every photocopy. Other attorneys will draw out the settlement 2-3 years, who has that kinda of time to wait? A shitty attorney, that’s who.

Why do we care?

Because we have been in your shoes, hit by a uninsured driver who just runs away and stuck with the medical bills, damaged property and not knowing who and where to turn. We also think the data behind accidents is pretty interesting too.