Whether it’s your driver’s fault or another vehicles fault, there are a few companies involved in the process of handling the aftermath of an accident. Navigating them correctly is important to keeping your personal injury claim on solid footing, below are a number of companies you will have to deal with to secure a settlement from any injuries from an accident.

Investigation Services

Involved in an accident where the tortfeasor drove away, what one calls a hit-and-run? Then you could probably use help locating the offending vehicle. Don’t risk your health or property racing after the individual, if you catch a lucky break and get the license, we a help you track them down. Along the way, we can help you navigate through the accident service provider world. You can’t pay us to be on our mailing list so you’ll know who we recommend are businesses that we think highly of and we’ll share with you why.


We track what attorneys settlements and customer ratings online so that we can identify those with the best track record. We gauge attorneys on other factors as well, including months to settlement, property damage recovery, and medical debt management. Rest assured the advice you get from us directly impacts how much and how long it takes for you to settle.

Personal Injury Representation Help

For help with finding an attorney.


The largest fear people have is incurring costs related to treatment. Leave that to us. We know who and how to negotiate with medical providers so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Impossible? We will make sure you get treated, defer your medical expenses, and receive a settlement. Why should you finance the insurance company’s settlement or worse, spend your own money, fall behind, have your medical provider report you to a credit agency and damage your credit worthiness while you are waiting for a settlement. The value we provide to you is helping you navigate dealing with providers and the various parties while you get better.

If you don’t treat, you severely impact the amount and ability to recover pain and suffering and that impacts your settlement. Avoid these pitfalls and enable us to help you help yourself.

Medical Provider Help

For help finding a doctor or chiropractor specializing in accident recovery.

Bodyshop and Automotive Rentals

Most people’s vehicle is not their livelihood, whether its your ability to get to work or you do work out of it. Having your vehicle out of commission is a hassle. While there are few options on how to handle this, the insurance companies have strict rules and parameters. Don’t rely on ASKING them, they won’t tell you truth, in fact, you may have to demand. It’s situations like this that you need help.


There are a variety of methods to deal with medical and out of pocket expenses. We know what they are.

Debt Collectors

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have debt collectors involved. It does no one any good. We help you avoid this upfront with agreements.