N72EX Kobe Bryant Animated Crash Reconstruction

Great technical and self-aware digital reconstruction of the Kobe Bryant Animated Crash.

Digital reconstruction of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.

This reconstruction provides non-pilots with a very good idea of what could go wrong with poor weather and the unforgiving land features of Southern California. At 17:45:24, within a minute before the collision, you can hear the pilot respond to air-traffic control. The pilot relayed his intention to climb to over 4,000 ft. The pilot was likely unaware or disoriented within the fog as he was descending at roughly 2,000 ft per minute. Had the pilot been able to see clearly, this accident would have likely been avoided.

The work by the animator to reconstruct the path of the craft and the visibility experienced by the pilot are probably the most sobering, even effective deterrent for those considering the weight and responsibility of earning a helicopter pilot’s license.