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We have decades of experience in the investigative, legal and data/analytics industry. Our purpose is simply to service accident victims understand their rights and receive the help and settlements they deserve. Insurance companies have perfected the ways they withhold your compensation, we know how to help you deal with them.

Accidents rates in the Northwest are high (rainy conditions aside), surprisingly common are hit and runs, whether you were involved in a ‘routine’ vehicle accident or hit and run, we want to help make you whole. We do this by helping you partner with doctors and lawyers who will help you back to health. We make sure you are not burdened by the financial costs with receiving medical, legal or advice related to your accident.

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Driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclists, at-fault party, innocent by-stander, everyone involved in an accident is entitled to medical and legal help, regardless of your financial, health, automotive, or home insurance situation.

The advice I received from Collisions protected every penny of my personal injury claim. Without the knowledgable Advisors at Collisions, I would have never known what I was entitled to, no less seen a penny of my settlement.

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Using complex industry data heuristics, business reputations, and knowledge of how the insurance companies view victims like you, we identify the path for you to not only receive the medical attention you are entitled to, but the compensation you deserve. We provide provide free advice regarding how to navigate the complexities of the insurance claims process. We refer you to the best professional who will treat you, represent you, and make sure you are treated with dignity and respect. If you were in an accident, we are here to help.

A little known fact is that the insurance companies use complex software to pre-determine your settlement based on your property damage and medical care – we call *bleep* on such practice. It is well known that insurance companies make money hand over fist. Why else has Warren Buffet invested so heavily in those businesses? It’s because they are very good at wearing you down. We understand this, and our purpose is to position you in the best possible way to receive your full compensation.

The reality is that even the best drivers get into accidents. Another reality is no-one really understands all the legal mumbo-jumbo in the insurance policies we are required to have. Why should you start now, and why should you do this alone? Do you really think the insurance agent (your own included) actually care about your property damage and your medical needs? Don’t kid yourself. They don’t, in fact, most insurance adjusters don’t even have the authority to approve settlements, as we stated earlier, they are pre-determined by software.

I didn’t think I was entitled to any medical care, as my friend was the at-fault driver. When I spoke with Collisions they helped me receive the medical attention I needed, maintain my friendship, and I even received additional compensation. What a lifesaver.

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However unfortunate it is, accidents have been reduced down to a transactional business, we at Collision Advisors have a simple motto. “We have your back.” We are to make sure your interests are being served in the most professional, expedient, and respectful manner.

While the majority our our work involves automobile accident victims, we also help those involved in other types of injury claims. If you have a question, feel free to just reach out at help [at] collision-advisors [dot] com.

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