Collision Advisors SMS menu system offers some communications support. Texting “menu” presents keyword reminders to be returned to your phone: “appointment, legal or attorney, call, brochure, fwd, and optout“. “Optout” will remove your number from any further contact, while our services are free, we honor any request limiting contact.

Conversely, we welcome texting via MMS any traffic, accident report, documents or photos of vehicle/property damage to +1 (206) 208-6350 so that we can quickly aid in your evaluation of any potential claims. Below are summaries of the aforementioned text commands when submitted,

optout“, responding with this command will immediately remove your phone number from any future texting, calling or communications program.

call“, will immediately bridge your texting phone with a Collision Advisors for further discussions.

attorney or legal“, if you believe you are in need of an attorney referral we will forward your phone number to a reputable firm which best matches your accident profile. You should expect a response within 24 hours.

appointment“, texts a scheduling link to facilitate calendaring the best time for you to speak with a Collision Advisor.

fwd“, will forward any text message you send to a Collision Advisor. This is helpful if you have specific questions or needs prior to scheduling an appointment and prefer texting.

brochure“, will text you “Ten Key To Making Your Best Personal Injury Case” written by Bellevue attorney. The brochure provides general helpful information regarding any injuries sustained after an accident whether you intend to represent yourself or retain an attorney.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call +1 (206) 203-8545.

About Collision Advisors

Collision Advisors is a volunteer non-profit organization which endeavors to aid individuals navigate the complex and unfair world of insurance claims and personal injury. Collision Advisors seeks to help those without means or resources level the playing field when it comes to holding insurance companies accountable.